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Tania Fox Headshot

There is nothing I like more than challenging the status quo for the sake of joy. There is always a win-win-win solution if you're willing to sidestep conventional wisdom. And there is literally always an opportunity to do both. 


My job, my work, my joy is in uncovering these gems. Surfacing the oooh! moments as well as the aha!s. And showing you exactly where to set them so they can be enjoyed by everyone, including and especially the one who has to carry them. I call these The Joy Points.

I've gotten to do this for creators and thought leaders, for independent businesses and multinational corporations. My ideas have led to awards from The NYTimes, National Geographic, at Cannes and a Clio. 

But what I'm especially proud of is that everything I've created was conceived of to make things better for my client and for someone they'll never meet. What can I say? I'm my mother's daughter. 

Let's make joy happen!

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