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It's not about

what you do,

it's about what you can do.

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Dear Jack-of-All-Trades,

Let me tell you a secret: being multidisciplinary, a polymath, a... dare I say, jack-of-all-trades is not only a gift, but it is totally normal. You know what isn't normal? Conventional wisdom.
Yes, It's normalizing - but it's f🦆ing absurd! 

If you're like most of us that take a roundabout approach to problems , you're probably ready to kick a beanie baby when you hear:


Why can't you pick just one thing and stick to it?

Stay in your lane!

People can't find you if you don't specify your title.

Though I don't condone beanie baby violence, I do understand your frustration.
And I got you.


I've been helping multi-skilled, multi-talented, multi-passionate people package and present what lights them up for over 10 years. So, whether you’re an employee, self-employed or multi-hyphenating your employment status (I see you, Slick😉), let’s bring the layers of diverse flavors that is your secret sauce to the people who want it, need it, respect and appreciate it.


Oh, and that age-old saying that's used to manipulate you into being a kind of worker? Yeah, it was manipulated too. The saying actually goes: 

A jack-of-all-trades is a master of none

But oftentimes better than a master of one.

So, untwist your psyche.


You're a Master of Some.

getty_swiss army_edited.jpg

Package & Productize

You don't open a bottle, cut paper or file a nail. You see problems holistically and use the best tools for the job. You're a swiss army knife my friend!


Clarify & Communicate

Got that boxed-in, underutilized, in-a-rut feeling? That I love my work, but not my job feeling? Let's negotiate for your talents.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

F🦆 if I know!

You don't even know what you want, but it's definitely not more of the same. You want to feel that spark again and a sense of direction.

We should talk :)

When it comes to how we work:


There is no conventional wisdom.

F🦆 so-called "best" practices.

And curiosity, agility and affinity rule!

So, whatever it is you're imagining, however you want to put your skills, your creativity, and your experience to work - you👏🏽can👏🏽do👏🏽that! 

The future of work is literally ours to create.

In the words of literally every pseudo-spiritual Pinterester... but what if you fly?

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