you'll learn the 5 phases of bringing your ideas to market


Whether you already know what you want to offer or are struggling to turn your brilliance into high-value offers that make you money while making a difference, I can help you make your business more profitable, more resonant and more YOU. Before becoming a coach, I was a business consultant in the hospitality industry. So I make sure that everything I do is geared is focussed on you only doing what you love and are awesome at while making your clients love how you do it, and making sure it all makes you money. 😍 = 🤑 pretty simple 


4-hr Intensive/$1350

Let's turn what you've got into what they can't wait to get their hands on.  Everyone's raving about these deep-dive strategy sessions where we refine your offer, align it with your goals, and create a marketing strategy that gets you seen, heard & paid for doing your best work. With the 1-to-1 intensive 


For Profit

3-months /$5000



Create, Test & Launch your Signature Offer in just 90 days.
You've been brewing something brilliant for a while now. It's time to kick it up a notch- make it more desirable, more scalable and more profitable, of course. Together we'll create your signature offer and its 

Together we'll create: 

An awesome signature offer that sings "you know you want me" to your audience (so you don't have to)

A killer confidence-boosting marketing plan that makes you feel like you're making friends not herding potential clients into a funnel

wesome offers  , Make the competition... wait... what competition? Let's make you stand out by showing up & sharing your awesomefulness.

Good, Beta, Best

THE program for big ideas people who want to package their prowess, nail their niche & sell without selling their soul. 

Big Idea Project