the multipotentialite list of jobs!

When I say I've had a LOT of jobs, I'm not exaggerating. You should also know that I started working at 15 and am much older than the 29 I'll tell you I am.

This is an illustrative list, not an exhaustive one. The point is to show you two things:
1) Being a renaissance person is a natural thing. You're not scattered, weird or indecisive.

2) Everything you've ever done and everything you'll ever try offers the gift of experience that can and will make you stand out for being outstanding in whatever you offer.

1/ Babysitter

Many of us start here. It teaches us to be financially independent, to budget our own money and to be responsible for the wants and needs of a human who cannot really express them.

2/ Restaurant host

I have to admit that it wasn't until some 5 or so years later that I actually understood how much this is about managing expectations, conflict de-escalation and diplomacy.

3/ Bar food cook

I actually really loved this because I like cooking. I learned how to prioritize orders based on cooking (read: microwaving) times and also that there's no such thing as too many nacho chips.

4/ Fancy restaurant server

Here I learned how to sell things that people had never heard of and also that I never want to work at a fancy restaurant again because...

5/ Taco stand

It's so much better to be able to be yourself, to sell people things they already know they love and to have regulars.

6/ Burger joint



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