YOU'VE GOT this brilliant IDEA

Ok, we both know you've got a gazjillion brilliant ideas. But THIS one is possibly the brilliantest idea on the planet ever. It could be a product. A service. Even an entire movement.


It is so brilliant, your ancestors might just get sunburn from its glow. 


Your idea is more than just an idea, it is a life-altering experience…at least it would if you could finally get it up and running.


Because instead of a thriving business, what you actually have right now is just a nagging thought that you've been sitting on. One that could be THE THING that would make people feel better, teach people something, cause people to think differently. The eye-candy, delicious, fun thing people are waiting for. 


How do you get the ideas out of your head and into the hands of the people who want it?


That's the BIG question, isn't it? HOW?


This is why I created The BIGIdea Project.

More precisely, I created it for YOUR big idea.

I created #NotoriousBIP so multipassionate creators like you can learn how to choose which of those gazjillion ideas really deserve your time when working towards a goal.
So you can create products and services that are profitable AND purposeful.
So you can market and sell your offers in a way that feels natural to you and conversational to your people. 
And so that you can create when you're inspired and NEVER have to worry about doing

BIP methods help you avoid overwhelm, stagnation and second-guessing yourself. You spend your time doing and not learning, thinking or endlessly tweaking. And most importantly, you get your BIGIdea out of your head and onto the market. 

Sound like what you need? Awesome! Click a button below to jump to the kind of help you need.



to impact



(pinkie swear)

You, me and a curated group of our creative-thinking, conscientious rabble-rousing peers in an inspiring learning enviroment. Using the Idea-to-Impact framework, you'll be fully supported in packaging, promoting & selling your best work under an umbrella brand that allows you to create multiple products and services from your multiple skillsets & interests. You'll by attending weekly LIVE masterclasses, tutorials & co-working sessions you'll be able to confidently validate, test and grow your ideas

away from the fomo & promo of Facebook. 

Annual membership $5000


The Highlights:

  • Quarterly one-to-one sessions with me clarify, solidify & activate your next 90 days.

  • A full year of support from me AND a community invested in each other's success 

  • The LIVE 12-week Idea-to-Impact Incubator run LIVE every 90 days (so you can concentrate on the job at hand AND be supported as you add new products & services (cuz that's how we creative types do)

  • Success tips, tools & processes

  • Marketing masterclasses

  • Weekly LIVE idea-to-done co-working sessions

  • PLUS: The monthly #WWWWWH List (WhoWhatWhereWhenWhyHow) to keep you out of overwhelm, away from shiny objects & on top of what you need to know to do your best work in the ways that work best FOR YOU.

    Working with me 1-to-1 for 3 months is $5000. For the same price you get 4 one-to-ones ($1588), weekly masterclasses ($97 each for non-members) PLUS a built-in interactive community of co-workers, accountabilibuddies & beta testers for a WHOLE YEAR!



The half-day intensive that gets creative-thinking, purpose-driven renaissance people to stop thinking about how to get where they want to go and on the road to success with clarity, confidence and a map to make it all happen.




BigIdeas people get overwhelmed choosing between all of the ideas and the fear of getting stuck doing With me as your co-pilot, we'll create & launch your first/newest offer in 12 weeks. The step-by-step approach begins with establishing an umbrella brand so you draw from your ever-growing multiple skillsets for the life of your business. If ain't your thang book an intro call with me below.

$5000/3 months




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