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Okay, let's get real here: You've got eleventy gazjillion brilliant ideas.


But this one, this time is the brilliantest and it's so juicy you can literally taste its awesomeness. And you can see its inner workings, why it needs to be out there and how different it is than anything else out there. You're excited, sure and motivated. So you start doing the things: maybe you start with a website, maybe you start with social, maybe you start trying to build your list - hell if you're not going to get your time and money's worth out of those courses, webinars and programs.


But these behind-the-scenes prep tasks aren't the work you actually want to be doing and much of it only barely scrapes your zone(s) of genius. And they're slowing you down. Slowing you down enough to start thinking. And it's never the helpful kind of thinking. It's the What if I do all this work and nobody wants my stuff? kind. The I don't have as many [enter asset established over time] as [enter Established/Famous Secret Mentor name here] kind. The Wait... maybe it'd be easier if I just knew [insert latest greatest guaranteed catapult here] kind of thinking. 

It's like I'm in your head, right? (just say yes so I can prove it)

I know this because I still have all of these same thoughts. And in working with people exclusively one-to-one for 3 years and then adding running mini-programs for 2, I know like I know that I know that ALL of your brilliant ideas, ALL of your amazing multiple skillsets and ALL of your behind-the-scenes work is leading you to something great. I want to help you get it out there. Not just once, but over and over again. Every time there's a new brilliantest idea that you know like you know that you know people will buy, that they will gather 'round your campfire, and that if there's something else you need to learn it'll feel like you're adding it to your Arsenal of Awesomeness, not throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Welcome to the BIGIdea Project- the idea to impact incubator.



*BIGIdeas are the thoughts, the thought processes & the 1001 ways we make awesomeness happen.

the bigidea project is for:

ideas people, renaissance people, multipotentialites, multipassionates, multidisciplinaries, squirrel chasers, visionaries, creators, dreamers, creatives, goal diggers, the easily hypnotised by shiny objects, do-gooders, the heart-centred, the authentically-aligned, the human-centred, people who don't use "-preneur" portmanteaus, speakers, writers, coaches, consultants, teachers, mentors, leaders, patronuses (patroni?), side-hustlers, moonlighters, freelancers,  job-jugglers, vegetarians, vegans, meat-lovers, pescatarians (#notathing), legacy-builders, lifelong entrepreneurs, pivoters, people who eat in restaurants, people who consider cereal an any-time-meal, people who know kombucha tastes nasty (but may or may not drink it anyway), 



You've got a BIG idea. (We both know you've got a gazjillion) but THIS one is possibly the best idea on the planet ever. It could be a product. A service. Even an entire movement.


It is so brilliant, your ancestors might just get sunburn from its glow. 


Your idea is more than just an idea, it is a life-altering experience…at least it would if you could finally get it up and running.


Because instead of a thriving business, what you actually have right now is just a nagging thought that you've been sitting on. One that could be THE THING that would make people feel better, teach people something, cause people to think differently. The eye-candy, delicious, fun thing people are waiting for. 


How do you get the ideas out of your head and into the hands of the people who want it?


Your big question is HOW?


You start by bringing it to THE BIGIdea Lab


This is the sweet spot for avoiding overwhelm, stagnation and second-guessing yourself, so you can spend your time doing and not learning, thinking or endlessly tweaking. 


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